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    is a synchronous 4-switch buck-boost controller.

    詳細介紹 文檔與工具 樣品及購買

            The SP1260HN is a synchronous 4-switch buck-boost controller. It is able to effectively output voltage no matter it is higher, lower or equal to the input voltage.

            The SP1260HN supports very wide input and output voltage range. It can support applications from 2.7V to 36V input range and 2V to 36V output range. The driver voltage is can be set to 5V、7.5V or 10V to various external MOSFETs for best efficiency.

            The SP1260HN supports input current limit, output current limit and over temperature protections to ensure safety under different abnormal conditions.

            The SP1260HN adjustable output voltage input current limit output current limit usedI2C interface.

            The SP1260HN adopts 32 pin QFN 4×4 package.


     ● High Efficiency up to 96%

     ● I2C interface

     ● Dynamic adjustable output voltage Support PD3.0 (PPS) and QC4.0

     ● Dynamic adjustable input and output current limit

     ● 2.7V to 36V Input Voltage Range

     ● 2.0V to 36V Output Voltage Range

     ● adjustable VCC voltage

     ● integrated BST diode

     ● adjustable frequency200kHz 400KHz 600KHz

     ● Short Circuit Protection

     ● Thermal Fault Protection

     ● Under voltage protection

     ● QFN32L-4×4 package


     ● Car charger

     ● USB PD device

     ● Power bank

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